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If villains are simple, then it is easy to not be one. If they are complex, then you might already be one.


Immigrant, Emigrate or Migrate or just Birth

The only difference between a native and an immigrant is that their mother gave birth to them on a different piece of dirt. If you are an American, that just means your mother or some prior mother made the decision to be an immigrant. If national birthright is important to you, this point of view, naturally puts all the power in the hands of mothers. If you don’t have a healthy view of women, that will probably make you very uncomfortable with immigrants.

Don’t Listen To Me

You can’t change your spots
They’re a part of you.
You can’t change the system
It’s always been that way
You can’t change the world
It’s too big, you re only a part.

So don’t speak out
You don’t want to be embarrassed
Don’t march in the streets
That’s what criminals do
Don’t give to a cause
They just keep it for themselves
Don’t campaign
You’ll just waste a weekend

Don’t bother voting
It’s such a bother
You’ve got work, and bills to pay
Groceries to buy, laundry to do
That ticket and busted taillight
The cough and no appointment

Everything is fine
The world is great