New Doctor Who

The Scifi channel aired the first two episodes of a new version of the old Doctor Who classic series this past weekend.  Overall I would have to give it two thumbs up.    It definely captured the old Doctor Who style.  It would be easy to mistake them as part of the orginal series.   These first two shows had several of the Doctor Who standards: bizarre looking aliens all wearing the same outfit, cute and interesting characters dropping like flies (just to show how evil the bad guy is), outlandish plots and motivations, the Earth being nearly destroyed and actually destroy, bad guys with egos the size of a small star.  And of course the Tardis, the sonic screwdriver and a sometimes helpful (but more often in trouble) companion.  I really like the new actor playing the Doctor.  He seems to have the usual Doctor quirkyness without copying any of the previous actors styles.   I also really enjoyed the companion Rose.  She is not totally sure if this Doctor fellow is good or not.  And she helped saved the day early on.  But in the second episode, she just seemed to play the role of damsell in distress.  I hope that her character does not get stuck doing that every episode.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this series unfolds and learning about the war that was alluded to in the second show.  I wonder if they are refering to one shown in the earlier series or one we have not heard about yet.