15 minute study


In a stunning reversal the Incredibly Obvious Group(IOG) released a shocking study:

30 years ago the crime rate was much higher.  30 years ago most video games were no better than Pong.  Space Invaders and Pac Man did not even exist.  Since 1993, violent crime as measured by victim surveys has fallen by 57 percent and property crime by 50 percent.  In 1993 Doom was first released.  Clearly the advent of violent first person shooters has dramatically lowered the national crime rate. 







This new study has lead many to call for dramatic changes to school cirriculum.  Said one official, “We must add Doom to the classroom.  A few hours of playing Doom now will pay off in the future.  Once our children become proficient in Doom and other first person shooters, we can rest easy.”  Congress is already considering a new bill called “No Game Left Unplayed”.


Brought to you by FNN (Fake News Network)


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