Entry for August 19, 2005

This was my second Bob Ross painting.  I painted it on July 23rd.  The mountain colors came out too blue, there should have had more red in them.  I like the sky and the road.  I’ve also starting reading a drawing book, ‘Drawing for Dummies’.  Yeah, I know I never much cared for the Dummies books when they first came out.  But I got over the titles being insulting and decided the content mattered more.  If it helps any, I didn’t buy the book.  I got it from the library.

The local county library system is pretty cool.  I can go online and pick out a book from any library in the county and have them deliver it to my closest branch.  Then they call me and let me know it is there.  I guess most county libraries are setup this way, but it is still pretty cool.


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