Entry for August 19, 2005

This was my second Bob Ross painting.  I painted it on July 23rd.  The mountain colors came out too blue, there should have had more red in them.  I like the sky and the road.  I’ve also starting reading a drawing book, ‘Drawing for Dummies’.  Yeah, I know I never much cared for the Dummies books when they first came out.  But I got over the titles being insulting and decided the content mattered more.  If it helps any, I didn’t buy the book.  I got it from the library.

The local county library system is pretty cool.  I can go online and pick out a book from any library in the county and have them deliver it to my closest branch.  Then they call me and let me know it is there.  I guess most county libraries are setup this way, but it is still pretty cool.


First Entry on August 11, 2005

Hi all,

Well, I’ve not done this before, so let’s see how it goes. Actually, I don’t even really read blogs. I just saw this Yahoo 360 link and I thought I would check it out. It looks kind of interesting, so I thought I would try the blog feature for a while.

I painted the picture on July 9th, 2005 in a Bob Ross painting class. Pretty cool that you can paint a entire picture in one class. I did take a drawing/painting class a few years earlier, but I still have not finished that painting. I have taken the Bob Ross class a twice more times since. So I now have 3 finished paintings. I might post the others later. I am not sure if I am learning how to paint doing it this way. It sometimes feels a little like a paint by numbers class. Though I do believe I am learning some techniques, I am not sure if I am learning yet how to create an original. Guess that takes time.

I am a software engineer, well an out of work one, though I am working on two games with two different teams. One is for a non profit. The other would be for profit, if it sells. Just starting on the second one so I don’t know how it will work out.